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Coming Together Through Music

My Expertise Is My Strength

I provide piano lessons using the Suzuki Method, an internationally recognized and highly acclaimed teaching program. The Suzuki Method focuses on building character in children and young adults through the study of music. It emphasizes learning music by ear, which allows students to develop their aural skills and gain a greater understanding of music theory.The Suzuki Method also encourages students to develop good practice habits, which leads to faster and more efficient learning. With this method, students learn to play the piano in a fun and rewarding way. I believe that the Suzuki Method is a great way to foster a love for music in students of all ages.

About Me

Janine M. Johnson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (cum laude) with a double major in Music from State University of New York at Oswego.  She earned her Master of Arts degree in Suzuki Piano Pedagogy from Ithaca College.  While attending Ithaca College, Janine studied for two years with the internationally acclaimed piano pedagogue, lecturer, and author, Carole L. Bigler. Carole had studied Suzuki pedagogy directly with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, and she passed his wisdom, values, and teaching techniques to Janine.  Janine also studied applied music piano lessons with Dr. Jerry Exline and with Professor Phirose Mehta.

Upon completing her master’s degree, Janine founded the Janine M. Johnson Piano Studio in Watertown, NY.  Over her thirty years of teaching piano lessons, Janine’s students have earned the highest ratings a New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Festivals, have been selected as the Jefferson-Lewis Bi-County Senior Soloist, and have won awards in national and international piano competitions.  A number of her students have gone on to establish careers as concert pianists, music educators, church musicians, opera singers, and composers.

One of Janine’s former students often accompanies and sings with Emanne Beasha (America’s Got Talent), and another former student performed as a backup singer for Billie Eilish at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

In addition to Janine’s private piano teaching, she has taught music theory, music appreciation, and applied studio piano at Jefferson Community College for over twenty years.  She has performed in professional concerts both as a solo pianist and as an accompanist.  In 2002, Janine created and performed in “An Evening of Piano” and donated all of the concert’s admissions proceeds to Hospice of Jefferson County.

Janine is a member of the New York State School Music Association and a member of the Suzuki Association of America.  She is married and has one daughter.

Reaching for the Stars

I am proud to offer the highest quality piano instruction for students of all ages. I have 30+ years of experience teaching piano and I have seen my students achieve great success in their musical endeavors. My studio’s most notable example of success is Tracy Robertson, who was a backup singer for Billie Eilish at the 2020 Grammy Awards. I taught Tracy Suzuki piano, ear training, memorization, and theory from a very early age up into high school. I am passionate about helping my students unlock their potential and I strive to provide them with the tools they need to become successful musicians.




M.A. Piano Suzuki Pedagogy

Ithaca College

My master's program focuses on the principles of Suzuki pedagogy, which include an emphasis on building strong listening skills, developing a good sense of rhythm, developing personal discipline, and developing a strong practice routine.


Music Major
SUNY Oswego

Western Art Music History, Music Theory, Orchestration, Counterpoint, Applied Piano, Orchestra, Accompanying.


B.S. Biology
SUNY Oswego

Basic biology to more advanced topics, such as genetics, biotechnology, cell biology, genetics, and ecology.

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